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contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
About Sampling
Sampling is a multidisciplinary piece mixing sound performance and contemporary dance.
In sampling, dance defines its own space and sound sculpts around and with it. Space thus becomes an instrument, modulated
by both performers with their own technique, creating a special intensity enveloping the spectator. It is a 360 degrees sensorial
experience. As with dance, sound moves into space at different speeds and accelerations creating a field in which senses can
The performance area is defined by 8 speakers. The public, the sound performer and the dancer are located inside this enclosed
The 8 speakers configuration allows the creation of complex sound and visual fields where every elements of it (public and
performers) are merged together in a common experience.
The dancer is located in front of the public, the sound-performer behind it, both interact with each other’s material. The sound
performer uses pre-recorded samples of various sources. All sounds are modulated and positioned (with the help of a special
joystick) into the sound field live. There is a direct interaction between the dance performer and the sound performer.
As with the choreographed material, the soundtrack consists of live human experiences and not a technical reproduction, a goal
to go towards a live ‘dancing sound’. Every show will be ever so slightly different. It is a work about decomposition and re-
composition, a mantel of reminiscences that underline an exchange.
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Sampling was born out of a dialogue and presents what can grow out of exchange and discussion. It is a colloquial piece between
two persons, two artists, two disciplines in an enclosed and limited space.
Sampling was freely inspired by the homonym musical production technique. Sampling is thus a déjà-vu, a decomposition and a
re-composition of our cultural background. It is a live collage in constant modulation, opened to external influences and to auto-
references. Sampling is an alteration of our reality, a transversal vision of it, creating a form of acoustic and visual materiality
through repetition and recycling.
Sampling is a visible altered memory. Using known elements, Nicolas Hermansen and Lorena Nogal’s piece constantly
interrogates the audience with a simple question: did you experience it already?
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Title: Sampling
original idea: Nicolas Hermansen
Creation: Lorena Nogal, Nicolas Hermansen
video teaser: http://vimeo.com/69992814
video full piece (only for programmers and production purposes, please do not diffuse): http://vimeo.com/70726493 password: look
Created with the support of MediaEstruch / Estruch - Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu, Ajuntament de Sabadell - Spain
Contact: Nicolas Hermansen - nicolas@sfere.be - tel: +32 470 255916 - facebook.com/samplingbcn
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
About the artists
Nicolas Hermansen is a Belgian director and sound performer. He has been highly influenced by Richard Foreman and the
Ontological Theatre whit whom he worked. Taking direct experience of the dramaturgical compositional techniques and the way
to treat sound for the stage by the north-American director.
Nicolas Hermansen has a Bachelor degree in Theatre studies ‘DAMS’ (Italy, university of Bologna) and a Master degree in Theatre
Directing from the Insitut del Teatre (Spain, Barcelona). He obtained an Associate degree in sound engineering from Full-Sail
University (USA) and has followed various workshops by the likes of Michele Monetta (mime, ICRA project), Domenico Castaldo
(actor, movement), Fabrizia Baresi (voice training) and Enzo Pezzella (danse, movement). As an actor, he was part of the cast of
Terra di racconti (2001 Teatro del Crack, IT), Notte Silenziosa (2002Tra un atto e l’altro, IT), Fellini’s party (2003 Fondazione
Federico Fellini, Festival Federico Fellini, IT). As a Director assistant he has worked on Quando Teresa si arrabiò con Dio
(2002/2003 A. Malfitano Company, IT) and Affetti(Malati) (2005/2006, IT).As said previously he worked as an assistant for the
Ontological Theatre / Richard Foreman on Panic, How to be happy, (2002/2003 USA).
He created various sound, light and video creations in collaboration with various artists: Lady Macbeth (2002, A. Malfitano, IT),
Hambre (2003 Nicola Laudati dance company, IT), Donne resitenti (2004 Francesca Mazza, IT), Nero Fuoco (2007 Francesca
Mazza, IT), Christine (2008, Els Mullats, ESP).
In 2010 he directed Atraco Poético in Spain. In 2011 he worked as a choreograph assistant for Musicolèpsia (Rapsòdia per a set
putes, Lanonima Imperial company, ESP) presented at the Catalan National Theatre. In 2012, he directed his second creation:
Matèria Viva where sounds (on top of music) are used to evoke emotive feelings.
2013 saw the birth of Given.Taken, his first interactive installation and the first installment of his “Cycle” Trilogy,
and a new sound and dance piece called “Sampling” in collaboration with the Spanish dancer Lorena Nogal.
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Lorena Nogal is a Spanish dancer/choreographer. She got her formal training in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre /
Barcelona - Spain. After her studies, she joined IT Dansa company, where she worked on the repertory pieces of world famous
choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Jirí Kilyán, Stijn Celis, Nacho Duato, Rafel Bonachela or Alexander Ekman.
After this experience, she started dancing for various companies such as Plan B Dansa, Lanònima Imperial and Gelabert-
In conjunction, she has worked on her own choreographies and solo pieces: “RIT-MO”, “Jaula de Grillas”, “Skin out” (second
prize at the concurso coreográfico de SALT), “De repente” (first prize at the III certámen coreográfico de Sabadell), “Corral de
domingo”, “Y se quedó mirando un afarola”.
During the last 4 years, she has been an artistic active member, as a dancer and as an assistant choreographer, of La Veronal
Company. Touring excessively (Biennale di Venezia, Festival de Teatro de Curitiba - Brasil, Modul Dance - Greece. Dansehallerne,
Copenhague - Denmark, Tanzmesse Düsseldorf - Germany, Danshuis Station Zuid - The Netherlands, Hellerau Europäisches
Zentrum der Künste, Dresde- Germany…) with very well received pieces such as “Russia”, “Islandia” or “Siena” to name a few.
In 2013 she also created “Sampling”, a sound/dance piece with the artist/director Nicolas Hermansen.
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Technical Rider
Technical contact: Nicolas Hermansen - tel: +34 606 178 333 nicolas@sfere.be
Space requirement
Ideal floor dimension for a small public 15m x 15m
(remember that we consider the performance space to be within the 8 speakers thus including public, sound performer and dance
Sampling can be adapted to a vast array of sizes and spaces, from regular stages, to hall or rooms.
Floors, in the dance area (see floor plan) need to be adapted to dance performances (linoleum or danceable parquet)
Public, sound performer and dancer need to be at roughly the same amount of distance from the 8 speakers. (see floor plan and
floor pictures for details).
Technical requirement
- All light equipment to be provided by the hosting organization
light plot and necessity: To be defined according to the room’s dimension and availability of equipment.
(Due to the flexibility of spaces where ‘Sampling’ can be presented, we don’t have a pre-established light plot. To stay flexible, we
work on an availability basis [structure availability and equipment availability]).
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Equipment provided by the company:
1x macbook pro with Ableton live and Max for live.
1x Ipad with touch osc installed
1x presonus fire pod 10in 10 out (1/4” jack outputs)
1x U-control 33 USB MIDI controller
Equipment to be provided by the hosting organization:
- 8x Active or passive (if passive must include separate and adequate amplification) speakers adapted to the space’s dimension
For a 15m x15m, we recommend speaker with minimum rated power of 125w rms in all frequencies.
- 8x speaker stands - up to 2m (If trusses are not available)
- 1x table 1m50 by 80cm minimum for the sound performer equipment
- Audio Cables, IEC, and power outlets adapted to the venue
Required assistance during install:
-1x technician that knows the space and that can help installing and uninstalling the audio and light equipment
Required assistance during the show:
- none
Number of people travelling with the company: 2
- Lorena Nogal
- Nicolas Hermansen
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn
Dimension and weight of the equipment:
- 1x 20kg flightcase - 54 x 34 x 82 cm (can fit as regular checked luggage with any airplane company)
Small room size type configuration:
S a m p l i n g
contact: nicolas@sfere.be
- http://www.facebook.com/samplingbcn